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Frequently Asked Questions
01 What does Khamit Kinks mean?
02 Can you provide a list of other hair salons in the United States?
03 If my hair is permed how do I transition into natural hair without cutting all my hair off?
04 I am trying to grow my hair out natural, how long does it take to grow out a perm? Also, what type of hair products should I use during this process so that my hair does not look so dry?
05 How can I Loc my hair if most of my hair is permed?
06 Can I get 2 Strand Twists with my own hair if it is permed?
07 Can I get braids if I just recently permed my hair?
08 Can I shampoo my weave?
09 Please give me a dollar amount or percentage of how much to tip the Stylist who serviced my hair.
10 I am a Natural Hair Care Stylist. Should I get a Cosmetology license?