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We offer consultations Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The fee for a consultation is $25.00 for Telephone Consultation, $35 for Skype or Face Time Consultation, and our in person One-On-One Consultations are $55.00.  The fees of any consult will be applied towards the cost of your appointment. You will need to complete & submit your Consultation Questionnaire before your scheduled appointment.  For details see our Shop Menu. Skype us at: AnuPres
Khamit Kinks requires a Non-refundable deposit or Credit Card Authorization is required to secure an appointment. We accept most major credit cards, debit cards, and money orders. No personal checks accepted. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, you may send us a money order. Once received, we will call you promptly to schedule your appointment. Please include your contact information with your money order.

A 48 hour reschedule notice is required to reschedule your appointment without incurring cancellation fees. You will receive an email appointment confirmation. Please make sure to give us your most up to date email address. We ask that you open your email confirmation and click on the link to confirm your appointment or call.

Prepare for your Appointment

Khamit Kinks offers a complimentary shampoo and condition for your initial style. If you require your braids to be removed please let us know when making your appointment. This service requires more time for your appointment and therefore additional fees.

Please be realistic about your needs when booking your appointment. If you need us to remove your previous hairstyle, please book that in when making your appointment. It is important to understand that if your hair is not fully combed out, we may have to reschedule your appointment; if we can fit you in for the take out and or comb out, you will be charged per hour for these services. You are NOT allowed to remove your own braids, twists or weave on the premises of Khamit Kinks. If you prefer to remove your own braids, twist or weave, it must be done prior to arriving to the salon.

Relaxed hair can be braided, if your hair is natural, there is no need to straighten prior to your visit.

For styles that require synthetic hair or yarn these materials are included in the price of your hairstyle. Most human hair is not included in the cost of hairstyles. Human hair should be ordered through the salon or at our website and paid for in advance of your service.

Policy on Children in the Salon (for Parents)

At Khamit Kinks we strive to provide service for our clients in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, we have to ask that you do not bring children with you to the salon. In the event that you show up with your child, we will have to reschedule your appointment. It is disturbing to other clients and it is not fair to your child to expect them to sit for hours quietly waiting for you to complete your services.
We accept children as clients at Khamit Kinks. However, we ask that your child be at least 4 years old and have the maturity to be able to sit long enough to have their hair serviced. We require that you accompany children under 12 years old while they are having their hair serviced. In the event that your child is not able to tolerate having their hair done,we will be forced to discontinue their services.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Salon Policies

Please be on time. Appointments that are not honored within one hour of your appointment time with no notification of a late arrival may have to be canceled due to scheduling conflict and deposits may be forfeited.

Based on previous experience we can give you a general estimation of the time it will take to complete your style. However, every situation is different and special. The time it takes to complete your service can vary. Sometimes styles run longer and sometimes shorter than expected. For best results we ask that you do not rush your stylist. For those who are having a style that takes 6 or more hours, we recommend that you do not have your hair done on the same day as important engagements. Some styles like Extension Locs may require a two day session.

Our waiting area is limited and is used for consultations and customers waiting to be serviced. Therefore we kindly ask that you please refrain from bringing along a number of friends and family to wait for you while you are having your hair done. If you bring a guest your guest are not allowed to be on the salon floor. They must wait for you in the waiting area.

When having your hair done, if at any point you see your style is not going the way we agreed, please let us know as soon as you know. After the style is finished it will be too late for any adjustments to be made.

Caring for your Hair

With certain styles a regular shampoo will destroy a style or alter it completely. In this case, we recommend a Dry Shampoo. A dry shampoo may be achieved by using a damp cloth to cleanse the scalp. We offer this service in the salon if you prefer a professional to do this job for you. For more information on this service, view our website.
Liquid oils are best because they penetrate the scalp, giving it moisture and stimulation. Ask about our selection of handmade, natural, liquid oils - Anu Essentials.

We offer many Twists Styles. Most of the techniques are similar. What makes the Twists styles appear different is the extension hair used to create the Twists styles. Some Twists styles can be maintained at home while other Twists styles require salon maintenance services for best results and longevity of your Twists style. The same is true of Weave styles.

We highly recommend that you return to the salon for regular maintenance services. These services include touch-ups (the hair line braids are removed and re-braided) for long term braid styles. Touch-ups prevent hairline breakage. A touch-up also refreshes your braid style and prolongs the life of the hairstyle.

Most braided styles can last 3 months and remain attractive. However, after that time, your hair may begin to lock. Combing out the Locs can cause damage, therefore it is advisable that you always remove all styles by the 3rd month. We may be able to unlock your hair, however this service requires an additional fee.



  • Khamit Kinks is here to service your Locs, regardless of their condition. We also offer repair and extension Locs for damaged Locs. For Starter Locs we offer the single twist method using a comb. The Palm Rolling method, is the foundation technique used for most Loc maintenance. We now offer Sister Locs. Please visit our Locs page for more details.
  • If you have already started your Locs we can help you maintain them. We offer you the basics as well as specialty treatments including: deep conditioning treatments, hot oil, scalp treatments, manicuring and clipping, joining together of weak Locs and personalized Loc repair services.
  • We also offer Extension Locs. This is a simulated loc procedure that is recommended for those who want instant Locs. Extension Locs can be used for Iocs that need repair, or to lengthen your already existing Iocs, or to make some of your Locs that may have thinned, look thicker.

    Allow us to pamper your Iocs so that they will grow healthy, thick, and lush.

With all due respect, we ask that you arrive with your hair clean for your consultation, unless you are having shampoo services with us on the day of your consultation.